Horse Racing LogoDerby and Dance Party

We provide a large screen on which the five custom horse races with beautifully colored animated horses are shown. We also bring in betting windows and betting window staff, electronic betting system, custom race programs, race betting tickets, prize drawing tickets, state-of-the-art-sound & lighting system and professional announcer/DJ.

How It Works

Get Horse Bucks

As each guest enters, they receive a custom race program and $3,000 in “Horse Bucks”. Everyone will take their program to one of the “Wagering Windows” and select one horse in each race.

Play The Races

After the race, if their horse won, they go back to the window and receive a prize drawing ticket. The more winning horses that the guests pick, the more tickets they will have in for the prize drawing.

Cash in For Tickets

At the end of the last race, everyone cashes in their “Horse Bucks” for additional prize drawing tickets. The more money they win (Horse Bucks) at the track, the more tickets they will have for the prize drawing.

Add Dancing and a Derby Hat Contest

Between the races we’ll play dance music for those who want to dance or just want to enjoy the high energy of the event, which heightens the excitement even more! You may even want to include a derby hat contest. Learn more about our professional DJ services.

How to Get Started

Derby Dance Party is easy to add to your next event. Just click the “Get Started” button below and you will be taken to our event information page where you can tell us a little more about your event so we can put together your custom quote.