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How a Corporate Holiday Party Can Help Your Business

Are you looking for ways to strengthen the camaraderie among your employees? Maybe your business has experienced amazing growth this year, and now you want to show your workers how much you appreciate their hard work. Or perhaps you have the most incredible suppliers; their attention to detail has helped to make your company outshine…
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Indianapolis DJ Cost

How Much Does an Indianapolis Wedding DJ Cost?

Photo by Jessica Strickland One of the first questions everyone has about their wedding entertainment is, “how much does a wedding DJ cost in Indianapolis?” Seems like a simple question right? I mean if a company has packages, they obviously have prices for them. So why is it so difficult to find prices on most…
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Wedding Trends For 2014

A wedding is a happy time for a bride. The excitement surrounding this momentous occasion is often focused on planning the wedding and reception. When planning a wedding, many brides like to take popular trends into account.  We’ve set out to find some of the latest fashion, cuisine, and entertainment  wedding trends for 2014.  …
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How A Company Party Can Help Your Business

Appreciation equals motivation Appreciation brings motivation and motivated workers are productive workers. According to Forbes Magazine contributor Margie Warrell, “Research has found that when managers acknowledge people for what they’re doing well during times when things are running smoothly, those same people are more likely to go the extra mile for them when things aren’t…
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Indianapolis Wedding DJ Unique Ceremony Ideas

Planning a wedding is exciting and, at times, a little stressful.  There are so many details that need to come together to make your wedding ceremony exactly what you want.  Most people want their wedding ceremony to be unique, expressing their beliefs in marriage and their personality.  As an Indianapolis wedding dj, we have been…
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Wedding Reception Ideas for 2013

The I Dos have all been said and the tears have all been shed. Now it is time to get everyone together and have a memorable time. But what kind of reception do you and your partner want to have? There are a few reception trends for 2013, which you may want to consider. Do…
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