wedding trends 2014 the gownA wedding is a happy time for a bride. The excitement surrounding this momentous occasion is often focused on planning the wedding and reception. When planning a wedding, many brides like to take popular trends into account.  We’ve set out to find some of the latest fashion, cuisine, and entertainment  wedding trends for 2014.   Look for some of the following wedding trends to continue in the coming year.

The Wedding Gown

Wedding gowns tend to be timeless, but many brides like to take their cue from current fashion. Brides still remain influenced by Hollywood and  Katherine Middleton, who married the Duke of Cambridge in 2011.   Her heavy use of lace and elegant understated use of a small yet meaningful crown as well as her long train continue to influence many bridal gowns today.  Movies like “The Great Gatsby” are bringing a return to the romance of the roaring 20’s.  Stephanie Padovani shares some insights she picked up from contributing author for the Knot, Laura Cave who also shares this trend prediction.  Cave says that the upcoming tribute to 19th century fashion icon Charles James this year and shows like NBC’s Dracula are sure to influence much of the wedding fashion world. Opulence is the word many wedding professional are using to describe some of the upcoming fashion trends for 2014.

 Wedding Reception Food

wedding trends 2014 the foodAnother trend we can expect to see in the coming year is the use of menus that incorporate various cuisines. Ethnically influenced dishes such as kimchee are showing up in wedding receptions. Brides are also looking

for healthy dishes to serve their guests. Caterers are increasingly offering delicious yet light fare such as reduced fat dishes. Brides also wish to help their guests who may have special dietary needs such as the need for gluten free items or a preference for vegetarian food. Wedding cakes are similarly being changed into lighter fare with the use of low-fat fillings, reduced carb frosting and cakes with less sugar.

Entertainment Trends

Indianapolis Wedding DJThe use of contemporary music is another trend that people expect to see in the coming year. Brides like to appeal to popular tastes as well as those who prefer a more classical style. When thinking about the type of music you want for your wedding, consider hiring a professional DJ company.  A wedding DJ can provide all types of music for your reception and help you with song selections.  When looking for an Indianapolis wedding dj, find one who can offer many types of music styles and knows how to use that great music to get people on the dance floor.