Indianapolis Wedding DJ Disco BallThe I Dos have all been said and the tears have all been shed. Now it is time to get everyone together and have a memorable time. But what kind of reception do you and your partner want to have? There are a few reception trends for 2013, which you may want to consider. Do keep your wedding DJ in the loop of all your plans. An Indianapolis wedding DJ that has experience in the business, will be a great asset when it comes to planning the reception.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are still a must have this wedding season. However this year, they are a little more sophisticated than the mall box. Photo booths blend in with the décor of the evening and offer some new technology to make the fun even more interactive.  Green screen and social media upload options allow guests to have even more fun and share the experience with others through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  Most Indianapolis wedding DJ companies today offer photo booth rentals and will often offer you a package discount if you use them for both your DJ entertainment and photo booth.


Lounge areas for your non dancing guests are also a fun idea. Make sure it is not next to the dance floor. Games and entertainment for your non dancing guests would be a nice added touch. This could be anything from hula hoops to angry bird games. This will allow for everyone to have a good time. Check with your Indianapolis wedding DJ for their suggestions for music and activities  in the lounge.

Mid-Night Snack

A fun finger food buffet at the end of the evening is a fun trend. This could be anything from wings and mini hot dogs to chips and dip. If your reception is ending really late, consider a breakfast buffet. This will be the add touch that all your guests will remember.

Your DJ can make or break your reception. Find one that is experienced and trusted.  You don’t want your reception to be remembered for having a  bad DJ, instead of all the fun activities that you planned.