How Much Does an Indianapolis Wedding DJ Cost?

Indianapolis DJ Cost
Photo by Jessica Strickland

One of the first questions everyone has about their wedding entertainment is, “how much does a wedding DJ cost in Indianapolis?” Seems like a simple question right? I mean if a company has packages, they obviously have prices for them. So why is it so difficult to find prices on most wedding dj’s websites?

In fact, if you were to search for Indianapolis wedding dj’s on google and check for pricing on any of the resulting websites you will find few if any that post their prices. Why is that? Are they so expensive that they’re afraid you won’t call them? Do they have something to hide?

The truth is, the wedding industry is very competitive and wedding vendors are all vying for your business and pricing is usually the first thing people want to know about in making a decision about who they will use. When it comes to entertainment, the value of the service is not easy to show on a website. It’s something that needs to be experienced. In fact while cost may seem like the most important decision point when hiring a DJ, the reality is performance should be.

Think about it,  would you rather have the cheapest dj or the most experienced? I know, you want the cheapest and most experienced. But really, while price does play a significant role in your decision, are you going to be happy with that price if the entertainment is poor? Now, low price doesn’t always mean poor quality but it typically means you’re dealing with an individual who dj’s on the side for extra money.

Full time entertainment companies usually charge more because they offer more. Things like back up equipment, full time customer service, back up DJ’s in case of emergencies, online wedding planners, and additional options like photo booth rentals and lighting. Full time companies also usually have relationships with wedding venues which really helps with the flow of your reception.

So how much will an Indianapolis dj cost? On average for a full time company you should expect to spend between $750 – $1000 on the low end  and $1500+ on the high end. Prices typically depend on time and options. It’s a good idea to check with your venue to find out who they recommend and then make an appointment with the company to meet with their sales team to receive a custom quote that will meet your specific needs.

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