Muncie wedding djWhen it comes to wedding reception entertainment, what usually comes to mind is the music. Some questions that need to be answered are; will you have a DJ, live music, or both. But take a minute to think about what goes on at a wedding reception. There are introductions and announcements to be made, and guest’s need to be informed that certain events are about to take place. A good DJ does a lot more than just play music. They are trained to MC an event so that the night flows and everything goes as you planned it. A professional Muncie wedding DJ has also learned and developed the skills necessary to get people dancing and having a good time. They know how to read the crowd to see if the music being played is getting people on the floor or shutting things down. They know how to mix music so that songs flow together and keep people dancing.

Live music is another option and can provide you with a unique sound for your reception. If you know a local band that you really like they can help to add some local flavor to your reception. A live band can also give the feel that your reception is original which is pretty cool. The downside of having only a live band is that, for the most part, they are not trained to be an MC. While they can make announcements for you or let you use their microphone, there really is a talent to being an MC and keeping a reception flowing and building.

So if you really like a band and you want them to play at your reception you should also consider having a Muncie wedding DJ as well. That way you can have the live music feel that you want and also have someone there taking care of the flow of the night. From the grand entrance and cake cutting to the special dances and toasts, your DJ should be able to handle all of it. And when the band is done playing you can still dance the night away.