Indianapolis Audio Equipment

Providing Pro Sound Quality Equipment

AMS Audio/Visual has been providing pro sound equipment rentals throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding area for over 30 years. From large venues to small meeting rooms, we can provide you with the equipment you need.

Amplifiers and Mixers
Audio Decks and Accessories
  • Sure SM58 – General all-purpose mic for singing and speaking
  • Sure SM57 – Instrument Mic
  • Wireless Lavalier – Lapel mic used for speaking
  • Wireless Handheld – Allows mobility
  • Piano Mic – To amplify live piano music
  • Additional microphones available upon request
  • JBL EON G2 15″ Powered 300 watt
  • JBL EON G2 10″ Powered 125 watt
  • JBL Sub G2 Bass Powered Sub-Woofer 250 watt
  • Cerwin Vega V-152 300 watt
  • Additional speakers available upon request
Amplifiers and Mixers
  • 24 Channel non-powered mixer
  • 12 Channel non-powered mixer
  • 8 Channel non-powered mixer
  • 4 Channel non-powered mixer
  • Crown CE-2000 Amplifiers
  • Additional amplifiers and mixers available upon request
Audio Decks and Accessories
  • Denon CD/Tape combo
  • Denon Dual CD player
  • Computer audio patch
  • CD/Cassette audio patch
  • Additional decks and accessories available upon request